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Established in 2009 and expanded in 2021, Snowy Creek Romance™authors sweet stories with HEA endings. Our short stories, novellas, and full length novels are developed for readers 13+.  Our sweet romances are published under multiple genres and sub-genres. Our books are sold exclusively through our wholesaler and distributor; sold exclusively through our warehouse & fulfillment center and retail stores.

All of our titles are promoted through our in-house entertainment network, through our networked channels, in-store promotions, radio, print ads, and book signings and book tours.

Snowy Creek Romance books are printed in the USA and stocked. Our print runs meet our expected sales and ongoing demands and we reprint as we run low on inventory. Our books enjoy lifetime shelf life, both in print and ebook. 

Our titles receive the attention of thousands of international travelers as they enter our doors or view our displays in the retail stores. Store guests are always the first to see our book launches, buy signed copies, and visit with our authors during events. 

All of our books are professionally edited by top editors in the romance field.

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Closed to outside authors. Our writing team creates our titles.



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